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I know next to nothing about corals. Can anyone recommend some good books for the care of them? Anything I can get from Barnes and Noble, etc.

Thanks :fish:
Bob fenner / Anthony Calfo -">Reef Invertebrates </a>
Eric Borneman - [IMG]">Aquarium Corals</a>

...and if you really feel like spending money get the [IMG]">Corals of the World series</a>.

Those are my Top 3
Not to metnion Bob fenner will be at Saltwater U in May. Eric Borneman has been at the past 2 SaltwaterUs
All of the above are very good.

However, I especailly agree with Tony; Reef Invertebrates is a great book. Also the first 100 pages of The Book of Coral Propagation (see
a>) is another great one regarding setting up the best environement for keeping corals.
tsciarini wrote: Bob fenner / Anthony Calfo -">Reef Invertebrates </a>
Eric Borneman - [IMG]">Aquarium Corals</a>[/QUOTE]
These two have replaced [IMG]">Sprung/Delbeek Vol1</a> & [IMG]">Sprung/Delbeek Vol 2</a> as my go-to books. The Sprung/Delbeek books are excellent, but dated compared to Fenner/Calfo and Borneman.

For fishes, I recommend keeping this handy [IMG]">Pocket Guide to Marine Fishes</a>
The Reef Aquarium Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are great books. They are by J.C. Delbeek and J. Sprung. The volume 3 is more updated but they all cover great things.
I found this book to be a very well written . Packed with info but his style of writing makes the book more of a story.