Rough and Tuff Fish


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So, as some of you know, I am doing a 125 damsel tank, but I want to add maybe a few bigger mean fish to the fray. I already have a bird wrasse and I was thinking about a big clown fish. Are there any other suggestions? Lions and frog fish are out because the eat damsels. If I loss a damsel here and there, that is not a problem. I just don't want anything that is going to be knocking them off all the time.
Throw a panther grouper in there and tame it or you could just enjoy the carnage as it grows depending on your personality. ;)
Seriously though, some Pseudochromis look like they might make for an interesting tank.
I am going with Harliquin Tusk Fish. You might be able to get away with a small triger.
I already have a green bird wrasse so would the tusk and him fight? I love love love triggers, but I don't know of any triggers that stay small (around 8 inches). All of the ones I keep seeing get up to 12 or more.
According to my little book here the Bursa and Picasso triggerfish stay at around 9".
Yeah I don't know of any triggers that stay that small. Theres no telling if the Bird Wrasse and the Tusk Fish will fight. I would say that they won't but you never know. I would try it. But introduce them at the same time. If you went with a clown I would definatly recommend a Maroon pair or even one. They will be agressive enough to defend themselves but I doubt they would beat up a damsel. However they will establish there own territory and they will chase anything away from it. usually there territory isnt very big though.
I have had both in the same tank - they will not fight. The Tusk is a very wimpy fish with prominent teeth that makes it look fierce. The bird wrasse is just "odd" looking. Both are very pleasant fish.

Try to get the Australian Harlequin Tusk - they are hardier and prettier.

A Niger trigger would be good.

Nope...I have 2 damsels in my tank with the puffer, and they coexist fine. Don't get me wrong, the PP will eat about anything, but as long as you keep him fed, which will be no problem with their personality, he will do fine with other fish!
If you got a Puffer I'd get the smallest one you can find. This is so the Damsels and the Puffer will grow up with eachother. If they grow up with eachother the Puffer will have already tried to eat the damsel and couldn't so therefor he will put the damsel on his non edible list.
Garibaldis are quite beautiful, but do best a typically cooler tamps than most reef aquariums. Shoot for lower to mid 70's.