Sea apples


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Ok.. who's had experience with these magnificent creatures. I got one from Marine Fish today, and it is just one of the neatest things i've seen. I got all the basic info, and after much discussion we determined it'd be a good fit for my seahorse tank, but Im wondering if any of y'all have had experience with them and wouldnt mind sharing, both positive and negative, please :)

I'll get a picture up soon, but man.... it's so cool. Its the austrailian variety so it looks like a psychadelic softball with a boquet of flowers coming out of its mouth, lol......
yes very beautiful, but at the same time extremely harmful to your tank if it dies.
Yeah, I was told to be very careful about getting it out quick if it dies. Im feeding it Marine Snow and phyto-something, along with the chromaplex and zooplex I've been feeding my corals. And I didn't make it clear earlier that I've been doing research on them, so I knew the basics of keeping them.

What stories have y'all heard about the effects of their deaths on the tank?

Now I'm starting to worry that the risk might not be worth the keeping, though I'd read so many postitive things as well from keepers. If I must return him, then so be it.
I mean personally I dont have any experience but I'm not one to believe in much of the hooplah of comes down to the basics of fish keeping in general, you start to see something is wrong, take it out and hospitalize it..just look at this the same way, I doubt you'll have any issues with it, unless it seriously gets stressed, but you'll see those effects. Just make sure your powerheads are covered with some kind of filter so it doesnt get sucked up, these things will move about your tank. enjoy it, make sure your water is stable and dont forget the pics ;)
Well, after I'd gotten a few PM's from members here and on some other forums I got a little too nervous and returned it. Maybe in a few years when I'm a little more experienced I can give it a shot, but to take a chance on them isnt worth the price to pay if something were to go wrong. This is mostly because when I'm on the road playing music I have other people taking care of my tank, and there is no one here watching the tank except for those 15 min a day or so.

Don't get me wrong, I know a million things can go wrong with a tank at any time, but after I heard from 5 different individuals in PM's/emails that had personal bad experiences, then I just started feeling like I would be too nervous. I felt like a chump returning it, and I'm sure they're going to kid me about it for a long time to come, but sometimes I have to remember... better safe then sorry. I don't always follow that plan, but I have enough cash invested in my tank to feel like it applies this time, lol.

Thanks y'all. I will get the pics up shortly. If anyone wants a Great looking sea apple, there's at least one at Marine Fish right now, haha. They tell me that once it's been in captivity for over a month, theres minimal danger of toxins.... but... safe, safe, safe :)