Six States...


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We have three days to go, and people have signed up for Saltwater U from six different states...

Walt Smith comes in tomorrow, Eric Borneman and Scott Michael come in the next morning....Sylvia Earle is in route from Chicago to Tampa and will be in soon....the shipments from ORA and Walt Smith just came in and all the corals and rock look awesome (all in the one dollar raffles)...Ice Cap just shipped their first off the line new design pendant light for arrival tomorrow....the two tanks, chiller, and Jocular Angel are already to go....the recruiters for volunteering for the Georgia Aquarium are set to be at SWU, and I picked up a DVD at Bruce Carlson's house at 6:30 AM (that he was up until 2AM making for us before he went on a "collecting trip" this morning)that we will show at SWU....whew!

The brochures are done (many thanks to Sarah Kruger and Bob Lemcke)...

An additional ten more people signed up today...(I wonder if that behind the scenes tour at the Georgia Aquarium tour had anything to do with it)....

This is going to be fun!