Small tank question


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Ive had my 29g tank for about 3 years now never had any problems just got a 125g tank set up and its cycling but im going to keep my 29g for the fun of it. for the past 3 years its been a fish only with live rock with some button polyps that poped out of the live rock. im using a eclipse hood with the same low out put bulbs and soon to upgrade it to the Pc retro fit kit what kind of corals can i look to keep with the add of the lighting and a couple of powerheads? no sps i know but something of the harty type. i dont my first venture into corals be a bad one :) the fish in the tank is a clown and a blue damsel, 2 emerld crabs and a couple of smaller snails. with a bunch of cerith snails i guess there tank raised there up to about a 1/8 inch now.
this weekend looks like im getting the retro kit pluss a fue softies. i just installed a 301 powerhead. hope thats enough? and i guess ill see how it goes :)