Snail Hitchhiker ID needed.


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Hi all. Been alittle while since I have posted. Alot of stuff going on here.

Anyway, I just added a bunch of various snails to my tank and I noticed this snail had two buddies on his back. I pulled the snail out to try and take them off, but they were hard like his shell and I couldn't get them off with my fingers.

Does anyone know what this is? There are two; one behind the other and the rear one flicks his "tongue" in and out repeatedly out of the top of the hole.

Any help is appreciated.
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Looks like an old barnacle on the shell of the Cerith snail. That's my best guess.

That would be my guess also. I have a old Conch shell that has several barnacles living on them in my reef tank. Amazing little shrimp like creaters to watch!
I used to have a conch with the living barnacles on him. It was really cool to watch them "flick thier tongues". Barnacles are actually pretty interesting when theyre still alive.
Thanks for the help all. My mind is now put to ease.

It's amazing how the little things, like watching snails and shrimp can be so fascinating and take up large amounts of time.

I love it.

Thanks again.