Sorry I am new to ARC... when is the next meeting?


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Hello Everyone!
I am new to ARC and am really looking forward to my first meeting. When and where is it? :confused: I looked around the site but havent found the info yet. I am sure it is right in front of me but I cant seem to stumble on it :doh:

Anyway I have a 120g mixed reef tank that has been set up for just over a year I guess. I am running 6 T5 lights (4 are overdriven on an IceCap 660 ballast and the others are NO ) and I have an ASM G4 skimmer in a 50g sump. I also have a closed loop.
OK... See you all soon.
:welcome: to the ARC!!

hmmm not sure if anything has been said yet- not that I know of...

It will be on the 2nd tuesday of the month though, Nov 14th.

I'm sure Chris will have something posted shortly.

Nice system- have any pics?
We haven't determined where the next meeting will be, and thus, it hasn't been posted. It'll be on the home page, in the announcements. Like Gwen said, it'll be Nov 14th @ 7:30pm somewhere. Stay tuned!
Thank you everyone (even the prez :eek: ) for all answering so quickly.
Nov 14th I will be there... where ever.
I was trying to upload a recent picture and my computer got mad and had a seziure. I am trying to post again. :)
Ok here are a couple of corals that I have and pictures of the growth.

Bubble when I bought it.
alt="" />

and a picture from middle of last month (sorry a little blurry)
alt="" />

Not sure what this is called (it grows like a plate) It is about the size of a nickel here
alt="" />

Now is is much larger and spreading
alt="" />
alt="" />
I have a nice camera and lens however I have a lot to learn in taking good pictures. :(
I am kinda a DIYer and made the stand, hood, and put together the lights. :)
:welcome: Welcome to the ARC!!!:welcome:

Your tank looks great! Make sure youre feeding the pearl bubble on a regular basis... keep up the good work! It's great to have you on board!