southdown sand


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I posted this on TRT, but never found an answer. Does anyone know where to get southdown sand? I live near the Fish Garden and they don't have it. Just wondering if anyone else in the Atlanta area might have some?
I have 8+ bags (Had 10 Bags in my stock, but other bags are damaged and lost some sand)
I need enough for a 180 gal. tank minus what I'm transferring form my 75 gal. Probably 5 bags or so. I'd be glad to buy all eight bags form you. I also saw that you were selling an 8 ft. tank. I'm going to call a buddy and see if he's interested. I know he's wanting one. You can email me at"></a>.
A close friend is setting up a 75g tank and is trying to save a little money by getting Southdown (or similar style) sand. He plans on seeding it with CaribSea Fiji Pink live sand as well as sand from my tank.

If there is any for sale, I would love to get some for him (50+ pounds or so). If not, where could I get some from (home depot etc?)

Thank you for your time.
I find that many Home Depot Stores as near as South Carolina carry SD sand. When returning from North Carolina I stopped at the HD in Greenville, SC to see if there was any on hand, as I had seen some members from SC with easy access to SD sand. I found a dozen or so bags in stock and brought 6 home with me. They cost a few bucks each so if you find yourself in South Carolina, stop at a HD store and look in the garden area.