Successful acro reefer in North Georgia

I have checked everything in the last few weeks and nothing was swelling up or visibly damaged. (Coral has been dropping one at a time for months).

I have seachem matrix in the filter roller basket and some rox carbon (1-2 cups of each) but that's it for filter media. 10 lbs of sump rock.

I did send out the aquabiometrics test but it's not back yet.

Why would they list the aluminum as a green check if it's fatally high?

I am using reef crystals for my salt mix. Possible issue there?
I don't think aluminum is your problem, mine is steadily 20x what your level is and SPS have been growing ok for me. I certainly wouldn't try to increase your number, it is bad, but 1.28 ug/l is almost undetectable.
New test kit came today, around 7 dkh...

I will be increasing dosing to drive level up to 8.5 ish over the next three days. Should I do it slower??
Morning everyone!

I live just north of John's Creek and have a 230ish gallon system. It's been up for a year now. I was wondering if anyone in the area has a great tank with sps that wouldn't mind sharing their wisdom. Right now my sps survival rate is around 50 percent on frags. I am also working to eliminate some dinos...

Probably prefer to talk in real life if anyone (or a bunch) are interested because let's face it, these are complex projects we are running in our houses!

Any interest in grabbing a bear and talking shop?
I’m not having a beer with you and a bear. She gets a little mad when you get near the babies. LOL


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