Survey: So how do you deal with summer's heat?


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With all parts of the US experiencing record breaking high temperatures and prolonged heat waves, we thought it might be a good idea to look at how everyone is keeping their aquariums “COOL”.

We would like to publish the results of this survey in MASNA's Marine Scene on-line Newsletter, so we need your input SOON! Please cut and past the following link in your web browser to complete the survey."></a>

Thanks, and KEEP COOL!

Cathy Garey & Bob Lemcke, MASNA Board members
Gotta have a chiller. I use several fans, and it's just not enough to keep it below ~87 degrees (as I found out the other day when my chiller got turned off). I also vent the room to the outside.

I did seriously look into geothermal cooling several times, but it was just too much of an unknown to invest that much time and money into...
I just purchased a Custom Sealife 3/4 HP chiller for my new 250 reef tank. The aquarium is not here yet, but I am getting ready for it. :) I took the advise of everyone and went ahead and got the chiller.
I use 2 4" coarlife fans on my mini 7. I only use one most of the time. I have one pushing and one pulling. The main is a puller.
In addition to fans, I vented one of my AC ducts to spit out the cool air right into the cabinet where the sump is. It gets artificially "cool" in their because it is confined (approximately 70 degrees in the summer). This remarkably keeps the heat down well. If you have the ooportunity to set up a tank near a vent, or re duct a vent to here- it work well.
I'm only using T-5 lighting so the water temperature is 4-5 degrees above ambient temp (i.e. if AC is set to 75, tank hovers between 79 & 80). If all else fails I do enjoy sushi.