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So for some odd reason the heat was blasting today in the office, ok I'ld like to start off by sayin also that we have a crap load of computers in the office that do nothing all day except render and generate heat, so one would think that the heat would not need to be on in the office.....apparently my boss is cold blooded and needs heat to be above 80 all the time. Fortunately I dont think I lost anything important, there are two bleached corals but those were ones that for some odd reason I cant bring back, mind you everything in my tank now is growing like crazy. So freaked out I bought a Rancho single controller, ok I know people are going to moan at me about how I should have bought a RC or which ever device you can load all kinds of wires too, but I sat down and seriously though about it......I own a 15g tank.....thats it, nothing crazy or zaney like most people who have those super expensive controllers. Yes it would be nice to have it for the future, but I honestly dont see myself upgrading this tank, I mean, its at work and I'm kinda limited to space. The only timers I have on my tank are for the halide and the antitics, I have no fancy equipment that requires monitoring or what-not so i figured a 50 dollar shipped rancho would be a great step for me as of now, plus the fact that I dont have 250 to spend on a RC also was a big decision factor. So all in all I now have a temp controller and hopefully this redicilous high temp crap wont happen again.
Hey, whatever works for you sounds good to me! So what is the controller controlling, exactly? i'm guessing a fan maybe? If so, evap may be an issue after a while if you don't have some kind of auto topoff in place...
yeah its controlling a 6" "blizzard" desk fan that has now cooled my tank to 81 and is still dropping. Yes evap will be an issue but I do have a 8g top off tank hooked up so its not really an issue. I usually run the fan thuout the halide period but its more pointed on the fixure than at the water. Once everything is back to normal I'm going to reposition the fan and have it run all the time till I get the controller in.
That sucks glxtrix. Glad you got it back under control.

We were trying to get our company to spring for reef tank at the office, but then we found out the building shuts off the heaters and A/C on the weekends. I thought it would be too risky even with some good heaters and a chiller in place.

So would you recommend getting a tank in the office or is it too much trouble? Lately I've been thinking about running a 12g or some nano at my new office. I've only been here a week and the temperature has varied from hot to cold but then again, so has the weather.
i guess it really all depends on how stable your air is in the office, I unfortunately have no seperate controll for just my office, and my crazy boss likes it super hot, when it comes down to it tho, I dont care about the tank, but when your working and its hot as can be, it doesnt make you to be a pleasent person. I personally like having a tank in my office its super relaxing, but if you dont have any kind of backup in the event it gets too hot, you could have some issues. As far as heating the tank goes, I'm not worried about that the heater I have is very reliable, and if it breaks, ya just get a new one, I only say that cuz I've never had any issues with temp too low. The tank usually sits at 79-80
I used to have a 12g at my old office and I loved it. People did think I was strange when dumping the chemicals from the test kits down the sink though. It was really relaxing on the projects that demanded a lot of overtime. As long as your building keeps a decent temp most of the time. I think it is great.

Did you end up playing with the tank a lot at work? I guess that's what I'd be afraid of... playing with the tank too much, get fired, etc. Doing the walk of shame with a tank would be pre-t-t-y p-a-t-h-etic... :)
omg do i play with the tank!!!!! I cant stop, I'm always lookin at it and looking for new things that have popped up! I'm like a kid at a candy store. But I must mentiion that my boss/owner of the company use to have a 110 and a 75 saltwater so he's always in my office checkin it out. Its good, you do your work fast so you can stare longer, its a nice tradeoff :thumbs:
haha, also forgot to mention that all my coworkers love it, they are always checkin in on it to see the progress, that makes me feel happy :D
ok tank update:

(in best forcaster voice):

"It's a bright clear day out with the water at a beautiful 78.6F and a light breeze, coming from the southwest."

hehehehe, ok nuff of that. So the water is down, they finally realized it was too hot in the offices and turned the air back on and that helped out the cooling process a lot, luckily the tank wat at 80.8 befor that happened so it didnt cool the tank too fast. So I also attached a pic so ya'll can see how she's lookin'. The BB is working amazing for me, I have the SCWD working just how I want it, and dont mind the bubbles thats from the Remora breaking in.

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thanks gwen, too bad the toadstool is starting to shed, that thing is so beautiful when its open. Tho it is kinda cool when it sheds cuz the clowns who host in it help peel the skin off so the polyps can get out faster...awww.
yeah the toadstool loves it, at least I think it does lol, it shows no sign of stress. Prolly likes it better to get out of the skin faster so it can get the polyps out and gathering food.
Check out the problems High temp can cause a computer and tell the boss. maybe he will be more apt to keep the temps down for ya. I heard that high temps can kill a computer.
oh yeah he totally knows, we've had some issues in the past, but he put seperate air condt. in the render farm rooms, but leaves our offices wih 4 computers each, some upto 12 to bake.
heh... before we changed offices I had my 20 test lab boxes in my office. They (literally) had fans blowing into our room to try to cool it off... unsucessfully.
Fortunately, now my lab environment got a special place in the server room. a comfy 69degrees at all times :)