tank exploded


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alright who knows how badly salt water affects a wooden floor.???
my 55 gallon tank exploded today, the contents spilling onto my hardwood floor, me and my wife adrenelin flowing grabed a broom and comforters off the bed to get 55 gallons of water off the floor... Without warning i heard a boom and first i thought it was my 300 gallon, but thank the lord it was the 55...it only had fish in it, scooped them up and threw them into my other tanks and sumps..

Has anyone had there acrylic tank just give out like that??? finally the floor has dried , but am worried about it expanding and cracking??
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Ouch that sucks... I worry about the same since we just had the fake wood floors put down. The guy installing them was like "are u sure u want them in the bathroom" and I was like "dude, the tank is 50 times more likely to flood than the toilet"

I've heard of acrylic tanks busting a few times. Was it perfectly level and the entire tank was on the stand? Could of been many reasons. With that said, I would never say acrylic is more likely to have problems than glass.

Who make the tank and how long have u had it?

So sorry to hear- keep us posted. Glad ur fish are ok. That's very scary indeed!!
I would rinse the floor a couple times with fresh water and dry it with a couple portable fans, when it dries you will see if there is excess salt left over that may require additional rinsing.

First time I have seen pics of an Acrylic failing but have heard stories about them, if they are moved a few times, or unlevel, or not properly supported, or if there is a MH too close it can cook it and cause hairline fractures, they scratch if you touch em or hell it seems if you look at em too hard they will fail. I couldnt justify the risks for a supposedly clearer view ~ Bartender I'll have a Glass tank pleeze.
Wow :yikes: That stinks big time! So sorry to hear about this. Difficult to tell from the picture but it looks like the seam/joint gave out most all the way around except for that top right corner.
I have had floods in the past (my 110 sprung a leak at the bottom). It leaked all over my wood floors several times. I have old wood floors and they dried and became leval agian (took a while though). I am lucky that my wood floors are old enough that they don't have tongue and grooves in them....

Good luck. Sorry to hear about it, but I am glad that everything is ok.