tank move disaster


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Well the move went flawless at first ,about 2 days after the move my orange digitata RTN then all of the sudden my fish started dying, well it has now been three weeks sence the move, out of 26 sps's I have 3 left and out of 14 fish I only have 2 left its very depressing . For anyone of you out there that have experienced this before you know what I am going through. For you that havent I hope you never do , It's almost like watching a pieace of you die and you have no control over it. If something doesnt start looking up soon I might just say screw it and call it quits.
I have replayed the whole move over and over again in my head. I can not think of anything else we could have done any different. Mike, Keith and myself did everything the best way possable to make the move a success. The only thing I can think of doing different is not to move. I have read about moving deap sand beds and they can give off a high sulfer count into your tank . I dont think that was the cause of the crash at all. I truly hope you have better sucess then me. One pieace of addivice. Take some frags of all your sps or what ever you have and let a friend put them in there tank just in case. I wish I had done that but whats done is done.