Tank ummm. you know!

haha i was drunk last night trying to post funkin' pics and it wasnt working, and its actually tazmanian devel!
Change your image upload settings to Basic. UserCP -> Options -> Image Uploader.

We realize that the "pics dont freckin WORK" sometimes. If you would like to donate some time to work on PHP, java, or ActiveX club for the benefit of the club, please let me know. Otherwise, please change your settings or PM me if you still have difficulties.
Something you guys will realize is that i joke alot, wasnt making any negitive commits...:thumbs: sorry if i sounded really mad, but i wasnt!:)
ive realized that coping and pasting from photobucket is the easiest way to post pics.i just paste them right into the reply section,without messing with the attachment button.
you know what works for me is when i post the first time and it doesnt work I hit the back button on the browser and drag again and it works.:thumbs: