tear in a clam


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i noticed today there was a tear in my clam it was next to where the 2 tubular feeder holes are it is about 1 in. long it is a crocea clam is this something to be concerned with? thanks . seems to be doing alright thow
I dont think it will be a problem. I have heard of clams that the same happened to, and it never negatively effected them. How do you think it happened? Even if it is a problem, I dont think there will be much you can do.
i don,t have a clue as to how it happened it has been attached to a rock for several months now . it still opens and closes like it should.
there could be a variety of things that could have done it, a curious fish, crab or even a shrimp. Kepp your eye on it and if it start to act different then take some precaution steps, till then, I think youre ok.
There are two major concerns for this. Make sure it either heals or doesn't get bigger. Make sure the clam still extends its mantle consistently. This second one is probably the most important. Clams that don't open up will definitely die. If it's a regular irritant, it may open less and less each day, so observation over the next week or two is important.
I had the same thing. ( I have 9 clams), anyway I noticed that on 3 of them that the mantel across the organs was basically GONE!! But the clams still opened and closed and the matel on the outer edges extended. Thought they were dead for sure. That was about 2 months ago. They still open and close.

But I was having a hell of a time with my calcium levels, corrected now. They appear to be, for a better word, repairing themselves? I hope so at least.

Anyway, clams are funny....I also have been checking them more and more..found some red bristleworms hanginging around..
make sure your MG is up to par, I think that also helps in clam tissue regeneration. I mean, that could all be BS on my part, but I think it helps.