To Regal or not to Regal?


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OK I'm at a pretty big decision point.

So far in the 450 I have a copperband butterfly who's now doing great and eating like a pig out of the water column.

I have a magnificent foxface in QT now and he's doing great.

I have always always wanted a Regal Angel but they are very difficult to acclimate and even experienced people have difficulties with them. Having said that I'm in the unique position of having a large enough tank and only one tankmate that it's now or never for me. If I'm going to get one I need to do it now and get him comfortable before putting all the other fish in. I would do the normal QT with him to get him eating good and then introduce hiom and probably wait another month before adding anything else to make sure he's aggressivly feeding.

So what do you think go for it or pass?

Here is my stocking plan in order.

Copperband (already in tank)
Mag. Foxface (in QT)
Regal Angel???
True Perc Pair
3 or 4 fairy wrasses
Flame Angel or Potters Angel
Sailfin Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Pair Blue Throated Triggers

I should add that while I'm by no means an expert I have been keeping fish for many years and have had good success so I'm well equipped to deal with more difficult species.