To trigger or not to trigger


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I have two triggers and I am setting up my new 125. Thanks Kullus. I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on keeping other fish in there and what is safe with triggers? I have heard everything from damsels to tangs. I also heard that they are so aggressive that they should only be kept by themselves. Therefore, I was interested in everybody’s experience with them. Also is it better to have 3 than 2 to spread out the aggression? Thanks.

I have a 125 Aggressive tank with Several Trigger species. I have Yellow Tangs, Damsels, and a Diamondback Goby in with them, all are fine, BUT if the daily meat isnt there on time, they become pretty aggressive, and they do pick off an occasional damsel.
Oh and Yes it would be better to have three or four at least that will help em get along better. You may want to check max size on that Clown Trigger - They will get up to 20 inches when adults, dont want a pair of them in a 125.
Thanks. I will surely get another trigger. I love the damesels idea, but I want a lionfish and a miniatus, so I thought that might be a bad idea. I might try it still. I was looking at the niger, but we will see. What types of triggers do you have.
I have several nigers, A huma Huma, and just added a rectangular one. I have no expierience with the lionfish but would assume it to be along the lines of triggers aggressive wise, you should be fine.
i have a dwarf lion in with with my pinktail trigger.i used to have a picasso and a niger as well in with him.never had any guessing it all depends on the fishes personality and how well you keep up with not sure i would trust one with a clown trigger though,i would say 50/50 chance.