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Does anyone know if you can put 2 Stream 6000's in a 75gal reef tank without blowing everything away? They make a kit (TS21) that comes with 2 and the larger controller (7095). Any thoughts on where to place them in the tank? The overflow is drilled in the back left corner (it's an Oceanic 75 reef). I'm using a Iwaki 70 for the return to 4 flaired interlocks.

I run 2 6000s in a 90 (same footprint as the 75), and they work fine. I do not have a fine sand bed though, and this is a major complaint of tunze users, that it makes a mess of the sand bed. This might especially concern you as you have a shorter tank. I dont have a ton of rock and mostly SPS and clams, so the higher flow is OK for me. The 7095 is definitely the way to go. Bear in kind though, there is almost always a waiting list for tunze products.
I have 2 6100s in a 210 and every inch of water moves in the tank. The 6000 does around 1850 GPH and the 6100 do around 3000 GPH. As Russ mentioned, the 7095 controller allows you to adjust the flow anywhere from 30% to 100% of the Stream's rated flow so I think you will be fine. If you have any plans to upsize, you may want to consider the TS24 package that includes 6100 pumps, its only $140 more. Also, check out My Reef Creations as they sell Streams and are sponsors. If you get either, do yourslf a favor and get the magnetic mounts. The standard mounts are a joke.