UPS- anyone use them- if so, what brand/model?


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I am looking into getting a UPS to run my tunze in the event of power outage. Does anyone here use this? If so, what brand and model do you use? I am looking at maybe 100 watts of usage, although, I would consider adding more to it if the longevity/and or battery life were up to it.
Have you seen the DIY with the car battery and inverter?
(tho this could probably handle more than just your Tunze)

Tom Wyatt game me a really nice link on "how to" I'll see if I can track it down...
Yeah, I thought of this, but, ultimately, I am wanting to have something that will activate when I'm asleep or at work. I would need to attach the inverter at time of need. Let me get that link anyway, that is still an option for me.
I think it had an auto switch and auto recharge... and reasonable priced if I remember correctly.
I cant seem to find it... let me track down Tom and see if he knows where it is. He's good about keeping links like that.
Do keep in mind that if your requirements are high enough, at some point it's cheaper to get a whole-house generator. They start at about $1500. Pricey, but a 1000w + UPS start to get into the same range.

Also keep in mind that you may want to consider a "pure sine wave" inverter; most of our pumps don't like the square wave that most UPS units generate.
Chris, I seem to recall reading somewhere that Roger from Tunze said you dont need a sine wave one. You are right, though, I will have triple check that. That would suck, if I got the wrong thing. I did look into a whole house generator, but it was too rich for my blood. Besides, the transfer switches for them are nearly just as costly.

Tony, if what your saying is true, you are my sugar daddy. Not to creep you out, but that is just what I'm looking for. Let me know if you find the link.
Omg hha creepy lol. My dad was going to purchase a whole house generator but yes very pricey. We just got a BIG geneator that will handle my tanks and other things in the house like refrigerators and stuff. I know these cant turn on when you want them to though if your not home.
I have a few UPSs around my apt., from the smaller ever-day type to the kind that run massive servers, but haven't ever hooked one up to my aquarium. Then again, I don't have half the equipment most of you do. If anyone wants to experiment with one, let me know. I'd like to know what they're capable of.
For an example of the batter inverter setup check out this site. He used a marine battery instead of a car battery."></a>
Click [IMG]"></a>on "Equipment", then scroll down to the bottom.
Chris, by the way, I just checked with Roger Vitko at Tunze, and he said that Tunze 6000/6100 can run on a modifies sine wave, as long as it not to high above 60 hz.
That doesn't surprise me too much about the Tunzes, since the first thing the Tunze setup does is convert it down into +12v and -12v sources (from what I remember. It really doesn't matter what the sine wave looks like if you're converting to DC, as long as the recitifier will still handle it. However, if you're going to use other, regular pumps, I'd test it first.

Actually, the whole house generators are very affordable (post Y2K). The $1000 includes the transfer switch.
Whole house are reasonable these days but consider it will be at least another grand for the electrician to hook up. It's by far the best way to go though.

I just ended up buying a 5000W gas powered generator ~$500). It would run almost all the tank plus the refridge. Problem is if I'm not home could be a while before it gets running. I'm also looking to get a fairly small UPS for just my Tunzes that would run them for several hours until I do get home.
I bought an old used APC UPS from a used computer dealer, the battery was dead and needed to be replaced. I then wired two marine deep cycle batteries to this (I was able to find one with a 24 volt inverter) 1400 APC UPS. I am able to run two powerheads for at least 8 hours, which keeps my two large tanks up and running and oxygen levels up.

I invested around $50.00 for the used UPS and spent the major money on some really good deep cycle marine batteries, as well as float chargers. Having a 24 volt system, I am told will help run the system for longer periods of time.

I lost some very close fish I had for a really long time, due to a faulty timer....Throw away those analog round dial's only a matter of time before your power is cut off when the lights try to come on of go off, they are crapola!!! I researched a lot of this before trying it and it works great, not even a flicker when the power changes.

I actually went a step further and rewired my house so each outlet to my aquariums is on a separate circuit breaker and I use at least two pumps now per tank to keep water flowing, one of these is on the UPS. Triple backup...So, I would have to have a complete power loss for the UPS to kick in.

This project was well worth the money invested, just too late for me...But my new fish will appreciate it!!! I can drop you some pics or give more details if needed!
I bought a CyberPower 685AVR from BestBuy. It was somewhere in the $60-$70 range (sometimes on sale). Cheap and strong enough for what I have, as well as small enough to fit easily in the stand.

I only keep the skimmer pump, return pump, and the wavysea on the battery side (because all you really need is to keep the systems up that keep the fish alive, for as long as possible). The lights, and everything else, are on the regular surge-protected outlets.

I also have another one of these in my network closet, which keeps my Internet and house network alive during power-outages.

Hope this helps,