vortech pump vs tunze vs oceans motion


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anyone here use the new vortech pumps?? thinking about getting a pair vs tunze 6100 to use on my 300gallon..i did start off buying a brand new hammerhead sequence pump and oceans motion unit. Plumbed it all in on my tank,,,then it worked fine for a day (great flow) then the oceans motion unit stopped working. Apparently the smallest piece of sand/dirt can jam the unit and you end up with no revolutions(in my case it was 3 grains of sand, as far as i could see) the motor is not that powerful to turn against blockage. had to send back after this happened twice.

anyone know of any problems with the vortechs?? ..they look cool and also have many benifits over the tunze except for a good controller and directable flow (somewhat)



any thoughts appreciated...
If I remember correctly, there were some heat issues associated with the Vor-techs. Not sure whether those have been addressed.
You might want to check out this thread regarding Tunzes vs OM units.


I have an OM 4-way if you want to see one in action. They're great units, but serve a different purpose than Tunze or Vortech pumps.
I too have looked at the IceCap / EcoTech Vortech pumps. They look really interesting but boy are they expensive!
I like the Tunzes especially when used with the multicontroller.
I have a OM 4 Way and I really like it a lot. Never had any problems. I have a Dart pump running it. I would go with the Dart and Oceans Motions 4 Way again. :)
As far as the oceansmotions go, I have two 4 ways on two different closed loops. They are easy to take apart and clean if you get debris caught in them. This only happened to me when I first set them up and has never happened again. I can't say enough about how well they work, my tank has amazing chaotic flow and no heat from the two barracuda pumps. The vortec does seem cool, but haven't seen one yet. Tunze's take up too much room in the tank. Hanging a powerhead in a tank seems ugly to me. I try to have everything hidden as much as possible. I have eight separate outputs all in different directions, most hidden by rocks in the bottom of the tank. I'd never drill that many holes in a tank by myself again. Way too nerve racking if I were to break the tank, but it worked.
My two cents.
slayer77 wrote: they look cool and also have many benifits over the tunze except for a good controller and directable flow (somewhat)

I would be interested to hear what the "many benifits" are...