Weird Chromis


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I came home today and noticed that 2 of my chromis were hiding. Ive got 4 chromis, a tang, other misc items and a few corals and poylps. Everything else looks fine. When I look at the 2 chromis, they look fine but are hanging out really close to the rocks in tight places with their bodies pointed upward. They came out to eat but went back. Are they sick or could they be doing something else weird?
they might be prepairing to spawn or may be just short time lovers. HHMMM INTERESTING. oops caps lock was on haha
Thats what I was thinking... I hope so, that means free food for the others!
They are most likely being displaced by the other chromis. Chromis are not always as friendly and happy as people think. They are just damsels in disguise. One or two could (and frequently do) gang up on lower members of the heirarchy and "put them in their place".

Just be sure to provide plenty of hiding space and enough food.
this is true my friend always wanted to have 4 of them but whenever he bought 4 then the other 3 killed the 4th one. So he eneded up only having 3