where the freak was the meeting??


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ok sorry have to vent ...drove 1 hour 45 minutes from macon to get to meeting tonight and couldnt find the place....man that was a hard place to find..mapquest sucked! Had to drive another 2 hours all the way back home...

im sorry to all those people that i had frags for and all those people that were holding onto frags for me..

took exit 255 off i-75 and onto northside and then i couldnt find the roads to turn on..went up and down northside for 45 mins then finally gave up....was it in the office park that ran parallel with i-75?? cause i went inside the 2 separate buildings and didnt see anyone,..

oh well.. maybe next time i'll drive down with jessie..
Hey man... sent you PMs (as you know at this point)

Im really sorry about you getting lost. We'll make sure we have more detailed directions for next time.

(and don't worry about the frags from me... I'll definately hook you up later on)