Where to buy a New Tank, stand , canopy?


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Moving to Atlanta next week. Looking to set up a new tank- 90G, hardwood stand and canopy. I will be using Metal Halides so would like to find a tall canopy.
Any recommendations about where to buy in Atlanta?
i would also try Marine fish store on johnsons ferry road they have a great selection of tanks and stands. I believe they are also a sponsor so that means 20% discount
Great ..Thanks! I will check with them too.
Would anyone recommend Cuppaccino Bay?
I would recommend Cap Bay for coral etc... I am not sure about their prices on tanks. BTW, Marine Fish doesn't give the ARC discount on tanks.

:welcome: to Atlanta
I bought my 120g RR tank and a 50g sump from Marine Fish and Cap Bay. I cannot remember which one at which store. :)