Why I make the Drive to ATL for fellow Reefkeepers


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O. K. It may seem a bit out of the ordinary for a person to make a 2 hour drive from L.A. (lower Alabama) to Atlanta for reef meetings, knowledge, and livestock.

Check this thread out and perhaps you will understand why

Ouch - that's pretty bad. While it's a miserable, I'm glad you've had good experiences with the local stores here in Atlanta. Maybe the competition pushes them to be better...

In any case, we're glad you're joining us for the meetings and in the club in general! A two hour drive for a fish club meeting is an amazing token of appreciation!
Wow.....what a story! Those of us in Atlanta are very fortunate to have such great stores....not to mention the world's largest fish tank in our city!!!
Great story....makes me very happy I've learned about this forum! My LFS was the first stop for me as I got started and quickly realized they neither knew as much as they claimed nor were their prices competitive. I ended up returning over $400 of equipment when I got home and realized they were marked up 75% - 100% from what I could get on the internet from a reputable supplier. I got my money back, but also a side dose of attitude from the owner, insulted I wouldn't pay his prices. I don't mind supporting good, local business with a 10-15% markup, but never a greedy business taking its customers for suckers.