Reef Conservation

The Atlanta Reef Club is non-profit organization of like minded individuals in and around the Atlanta area that share a common love of the ocean and preserving the reefs. We are dedicated enthusiasts that take painstaking care to preserve a small slice of the ocean in our very homes to appreciate its natural beauty and to share it with others.

In an effort to help save our reefs we have assisted the Coral Restoration Foundation’s good work for many years by assisting them with monetary donations and hosting lectures.

Over the years we have donated and assisted the Georgia Aquarium. Many of our current members are still volunteer divers that assist with the maintenance of its beautiful tanks.

ARC founded Saltwater U in 2005. This was an effort to educate and instill a love for the ocean and reefs in our youth with seminars from foremost experts in the field and an expo. This non-profit foundation educated many young minds on the ocean and its reefs.

We are now championing a local education initiative where we will be working with local area teachers to install Reef Tanks in their very classrooms. This Classroom Reef Tank initiative carries on the Saltwater U legacy of “Preservation through Education.” By taking the time and effort of helping local area teachers out in donating, installing, training, and maintaining reef tanks in their classrooms, we invest directly in the education of our youth. Aside from being an amazing teaching model in the classrooms, many of the students will naturally begin to care about saving our reefs simply because they’ve witnessed first hand a small slice of its natural beauty and diversity for themselves.