250 sump for a 75 reef


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I am an acrylic fabricator, I have built a 250 gal. sump/refuge that is in my basement. My 75 gallon is in my living room..... 13 foot head height for the pump. I'm planning on using a Sequence "Dart" series to power the lift, and then using gravity to power the rest(u/v-detritis filter-etc.)
Am I correct in the "Dart" series(of course I have the check valve) to power that much lift?
i have a brand new dart here and on the box it says max head is 12'.sounds like it would work for you,you may want to jump to the next size to account for the loss caused by fittings and bends in the pvc.the darts are rated for low head pressure ,used normally for closed loops.i think that the barracuda would probably work for you a bit better.then you could use t's off the return line to feed uv's or whatever else.good luck

by the way i need some acrylic fabrication done,interested?
Talk with Simon.Kruger. He is a member of this forum and the ARC forum at The Reef Tank site. He has a 650G sump in his basement supporting a 92G Corner, 90G std and a 12G nano. He should be able to give some good info about his experience ion setting it up.
According to this random http://www.precisionmarine.com/assets/applets/reeflowspecsweb.pdf">pdf page</a>, the Dart can't push push even to 12'. By the time you add any additional resistance from pipe bends (you need to go at least 180 to get back into your tank!), there's no way it'll be enough.

You'd be better off with a pressure pump, which would have a lot more head behind it. The Sequence 3200 would be a good choice. [IMG]http://www.myreefcreations.com/seq.htm">My Reef Creations</a> sells them and is an ARC sponsor, so the 10% discount is available to ARC members.

And I happen to have a Sequence 5800 [IMG]http://www.atlantareefclub.org/forums/showthread.php?t=995">for sale</a>, although it may be too much flow for you.

Lastly, I'd recommend against running all your other devices from the gravity / drain. I tried this on my setup (100g sump, 240g system, 16ft head from basement), and ran into various problems with getting air stuck in the lines and such. It's just not reliable unless you're feeding a non-critical system.