ARC General Meeting Minutes - September 2006


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ARC General Meeting Minutes
Written by Flipturn88
Date: 12 September 2006
Location: Conference room at The Palisades
Minutes by: Kayla Swart (Secretary)

1.) 7:30 PM - General Announcements:
- Chris Horne will be absent at the October ARC meeting.
- A powerbuy for Calcium Reactors is going on for the duration of the month of September. A second for Dr. Foster's and Smith was also announced.

2.) Guest Presentation:
Topic: Calcium, Part I (Part II will be at the October meeting)
Speaker: Tom Wyatt

Tom Wyatt gave an excellent, in-depth presentation: "Seawater, Calcium and Alkalinity in Closed Marine Systems." An online outline is available here. The second part of this presentation will take place at the October meeting.

3.) Post-Presentation:
- Raffles were drawn, which included prizes of gift certificates, books, and the like.
- The water test compilation organized by Bob Lemke took place, where all members could test their water and compare results.

4.) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM.