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I wanted to share some news that I am sure you will all be happy to hear.

I am proud to announce that NGaReef has been sold to Pet Showcase, Inc.

Pet Showcase, who is already an ARC Sponsor, approached me regarding the possibility of purchasing and taking over the business shortly after I ceased operations in Nov 2006.

After several meetings with Scott and Robbie we came to final terms and the business and all assetts were officially transferred today as we completed the deal.

Operations for NGaReef will be housed from their retail location in Hiram. If you have not had the chance to visit their store, take some time and do so.. The store and the staff are FANTASTIC!

I am thrilled that Scott and Robbie are going to be carrying on what Dale and myself started. These two guys are the REAL DEAL and I am so impressed with what I have heard, thus far, about their plans to expand the offerings on the site, yet keeping the low prices for each and everyone one of us.

These two guys have the times to truly dedicate to make NGaReef what it really can be! The focus these two already have on customer service is PHENOMINAL and that will carry over to the online portion as well.

From my conversations with Scott and Robbie I have learned that they are going to keep the name NGaReef and it will be buisness as usual on the website again very very soon.

I happily pass the torch and produly say that I no longer have crabs.. Scott and Robbie does!!
Good to hear Kevin! I will have to see if the site is running yet. I am still looking for some shrimp ever since around before Nov 2006. :)