Brittle Star


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I just aquired a 6-8" brittle star a few weeks ago and am wondering...

How likely is he to eat fish? I had 6 chromis and a few days after getting the brittle star one came up missing. The same day the one came up missing another had some torn fins/mouth so Im thinking mayby they battled it out and one died but the brittle killing it was still in the back of my mind.

Will the brittle eat birstle worms?
What about snails and crabs?

Would he make a good sump critter? Thats what Im thinking.

Whats the best way to get him out? and is he safe to touch?
I would put him in your sump. There are a few species of brittle stars (the green brittle star, for example), that will eat fish, though I wouldn't think it would eat bristle worms or crabs/snails. It's fine to pick up with your hands--I don't think it would try to eat you...

It will definitely scavange injured/dead fish, but it will also probably eat them opportunistically as well.
i have a 12'' brittle in a ten gallon tank and i've never had a problem wit him. I just moved him to my 75 and havent had anyproblems either. He will eat right out of my hand its pretty cool. get him out at night if he comes out. Mine in the morning before the lights came on he was hanging outside the tank!!!! so thats when i caught him. You can also lure him in with some food like freeze dried jumbo shrimp. they will not eat crabs or snails. hope this helps!!
I've had one since it was onyl 3" across, now its about 10" or maybe larger, havnt had any issues with it and it was in one of my tanks with a green target manderin and those fish are pretty slow movers, and when they sleep they dont move at all. The chances of it eating a fish thats healthy is slim to none, tho if the fish was seriously injured and possibly reaking of death, then yeah you might have to worry, but that goes the same with anything really....most fish, crabs and what not will pick on a dying fish, its all food to them.