Corrosion Problem


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On my tank the hinge on the canopy is starting to get corroded:boo: I believe it is brass. It is gold and is there anything (coating or protective) i could put on this to protect it??
If it's corroding already you should probably go ahead and replace it. You won't be able to coat the crevices of the hinge so it’s will erode from the inside out if it’s coated. I’m not positive about safe metals, but I believe stainless steel and aluminum will work. Hopefully someone can add some info.
I believe Coralife makes something that will keep salt-spray down. You can also coat it with vaseline, too. I wouldn't throw gobs of vaseline in my tank, but a little to keep down the salt spray isn't going to hurt anything. I've used it around pipe fittings for years (unique situation), and didn't have any problems.
thats a good idea mojo i think ill try that. i wont actually be putting vasaline in the tank it will just be on the hinge right??
alright thanks i will let you know how it goes but wont the salt then corrode underneath the vasaline??
You could replace them with zinc hinges. Unfortunately, you'll probably only find exterior door hinges in zinc so you'd have to re-drill the holes, but you could use them.
A safe alternative to vasaline (which is petrolium based) is dielectric grease (silicon based). Can be had at your local auto parts store (used for tuneups) and is safe for contact with our aquarium water...