Docs FS are the best!


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I just wanted to say what great customer service Drs. F&S have. I just bought a bottle of SeaGel from them. However, instead of the carbon & phosphate, black & white pellet mix, I got a bottle of all carbon. Obviously the packaging line at Seachem had jammed or something. The customer service person without asking any questions at all said they're sending a new bottle right away.

I'm amazed! It seems like you never run across this level of customer service anymore! Just wanted to share.:up:
I agree, Ive had great experiences with them as well.
Once ordered two liters of Flourish Excel for my FW planted tank and ONE of them leaked about 1/6 of the bottle. They immediately sent me out TWO more liters and asked if any other items were damaged as a result of getting wet. Always very courteous representatives and very prompt.
yup gonna have to agree totally, bought quite a few things from them, always great shipping times......except the one time the shipping ocmpany left my RO unit outside my door, mind you i live at an appt complex, what retards.
They took great care of me when I got the zoa eating nudi's. Got all my money back plus $50. Their customer service is outstanding.