dying coral


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last week I added a see slug, and a "pancake" to my tank. (sorry im not good with the "real" names)..can either of those release any toxins in the tank that would kill a leather tree branch coral or starfish (the kind that moves under the sand)?
I was working on my plumbing at the same time so I may have somehow contaminated the water. My fish seem fine, but some snails dont look to good either..a cleaner shrimp added at the same time is fine, however..

Im trying to breath some life into my tree coral by taking it out of my tank and letting it sit in a fresh bowl of salt water.
i did find that my phosphates were hi, but they have come down since last week substantially, but im wondering if the timing is just coincidental
thanks for any help!
What kind of nudibranch and what are you feeding it? Most efforts to keep them alive fail. Not too much is known about them as far as keeping them as pets. If it died, it could have released toxins, but I really don't know. Their protection (since they don't have a shell) is to ink and therefore they are poisonous, but I'm not sure if they will kill a coral.

I'm not sure what a pancake is ??

Specifically what did you do to your plumbing? What kind of water do you use? What makes you think you contaminated the water?

What are your phosphates reading?

It may not be the best idea to put the coral in a fresh bowl of salt water. It would be a long acclimation process every time since with every switch the coral is readjusted to new PH, ALK, MG, CA, temps, ETC - everything changes when you compare the water in your tank to a fresh batch.

How old is your tank? What size is it?
sea slug looks like this (not actual sea slug :)) put prett dang close.
it is still alive, moving slowly about.

http://www.starling-travel.com/wp-content/P1020716.JPG" alt="" />

"pancake" coral, as my daughter calls it, is a round flat coral about 4 inches in diameter with a 1/2 inch slit in the middle, glows neon orange a little, probably injected?..

the tank is a 75 gallon bow front 2 +1/2 years old. the water is bought from my LFS , same water ive ALWAYS used since day one. the plumbing went from right underneath my tank to my basement 15' below.
you never know what may have mishapped during all the gluing and pvc'ing...plus the "sudden" droop of my leather coral and sand shifter star pooping out that made me think something went wrong
phosphates were nutz, like 1ppm now they are down to .5 ppm which is still crazy, but essentially half of where it was when i first noticed the droopy leather coral
Pan cake coral is prob. a plate coral. The slug looks like a sea hare, they tend to just eat algae and release a slime which can cover corals if there is not enough water movement.