Feeder shrimp question


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Does anyone know where i can locally obtain either Hawaiian red Volcano shrimp or possibly small ghost shrimps in the next day or two? My thanksgiving plans had to change due to an emergency, and I might not be able to get someone to come feed my tank, but I'm told tossing in a good amount of either of the above would nourish my seahorses for a few days... I would be leaving thursday and coming back early sunday morning, so they'd only need two days worth of food....

If there are any local retailers you know of, or have your own population you might be willing to sell some of, please contact me here in this thread, in a pm, or email mailto:bhjentertainment@gmail.com">bhjentertainment@gmail.com</a>.

Thanks y'all.
i used to work at atlantis aquarium on roswell road and they had two huge tanks full of ghost shrimp of all sizes so try there
Just tried them and was told they don't have any, but thanks for the reply!

and I'm still looking, lol