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Well I was sure my system was stable enough to support a Mandirin Goby so I bought one in July. He was thriving and getting fat in my 360. Well he disappeared about a week ago. I know animals die but I figured surely he didnt starve with my pod population. After a few days I gave up and figured he was gone. Low and behold last night while looking at the back of the tank and there he is, in one of the overflows, stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey from all the pods in there. :doh: That is good news

Now the Bad ~ how the hell do I get him out of the overflow of a 36.5 in tall Tank? Looks like the only way would be to dismantle the pipe and let him flow thru and hopefully catch him in the sump. Any suggestions?
I've used a regular wire frame net that I bent to fit in the overflow.
I recently had this problem with a clown and blue chromis. I turned off my return pump, siphoned out a lot of the extra water in the overflow box, and then removed my durso and used a net to get them out. It took a little bit, but it worked.

Glad you found him
I have a small blue tang that did the same thing in my 120. I pulled the durso out and let him drain down to the sump. Much easier catching him down there. I would recommend netting the return, just to save you time though. Let us know how it turns out.

Good luck,

Thanks for the advice, guys. Like a surgeon who just gloved up "I am going in" I will keep U posted

We are out of surgery and the patient is fine. I pulled the Drain pipe, attempted to flush him and catch him in a filter sock but he would fall for it. I literally did have to glove up and hang from a ladder with a net, but I got him back in the main tank AND a sock full of pods for my refugium so it was a win win
good deal, glad to hear you got him out alright. I was going to suggest tying a pod to a string and dangling it in front of him :p
Funny -- a day after I read this thread, I discovered my missing chromis in the overflow :)

I _had_ believed that he was eaten by my anemone about 2 months ago. I don't know how he would have gotten back there, because it is requires an actual jump from the water to get into the overflow, and it is also quite easy to miss and land behind the tank instead!

With my corner tank, it is extremely difficult to get back to that overflow, so i'll probably be trying the drain method this weekend.