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Hey ARC I was referred to this forum by Showtime305 (whom I met at a fish store) and I am hoping to become an experienced reefer soon. I have been collecting FW fish for a while and recently I started a SW tank about 2months ago and I added a few things yesterday. The tank is cycled now and I currently have in the tank as of yesterday 3 crabs, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 firefish goby, 1 condy anemone, and 1 blue damsel (removing if i can catch it :tongue: ). The tank is a 30gallon long (36") I have regular lights on top of it and I also have a PC 192watt setup that I have not rigged up yet because I can't decided what to do with the lighting yet. I ordered the PC of ebay and I purchased the Jebo lights and after doing a bit more research I found they arent that great. Anyways I am hoping to get some corals soon and I was hoping for suggestions on where to get some frags locally that wont break the bank and what would be some good hardy corals. Thanks for the help and I will look forward to contributing to this site.
oh and here is a picture from about a month ago
alt="" /> there is a 11lbs of LR and some dead LR with it and I used a 20lb bag of live sand in there to.
Welcome!! I have some Pretty greenstriped mshrooms I can sell you at a good price. They are Very hardy and will do very well in your tank. They do not need much of anything. Let me know. The tank looks good. Is that a Millenium filter on the back or a Whisper?
it is a millenium filter you have a great eye for filters lol and yeah the greenstriped mshrooms do sound interesting I will need to do a bit more research on them but from just a google image search they look pretty nice my main concern is that my lighting isnt good enough and I don't want to put the wrong types of corals in the tank.....and yeah AJ definitly gave me some advice yesterday thanks again AJ.
Well the Mushrooms do NOT need alot of light at all. I have a Whole tank of them in a ten gallon with two 65 Watt PC's. Thay would probably be fine only with one of those PC's. Just let me know when you want some i have plenty. They are all frags, well the ones that i am selling are frags but they will soon grow on your other rocks and it will be nice looking. I also have some Purple Mushrooms and Some Blood Red mushrooms But both of those are a little bit more expensive.
Sounds good Bryan do you think you can give me a rough cost of what you have available for sale. Thanks (you can do it via PM if you want)
:welcome: Welcome to the http://atlantareefclub.org/forums/arcsignup.php?&do=join">ARC</a>!! :welcome:

Glad to have you on board! Your tank looks like its off to a great start... keep up the hard work and ask ask away! Be sure to come on out to some of our meetings (second Tuesday of every month). Happy reefing!!!
Here are the mushrooms!! These are the mother colonies of the red ones and the purple. I have pics of the fragged Green one's. The purple one in the picture is not a circle because i had just fragged it.
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13024=892-Crimson Tide Mushrooms december 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
13024=892-Crimson Tide Mushrooms december 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
class="gc-images" title="Crimson Tide Mushrooms december 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg[/IMG] style="max-width:300px" /></a>
13024=893-mushroom frags december 9th 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
13024=893-mushroom frags december 9th 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
class="gc-images" title="mushroom frags december 9th 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg[/IMG] style="max-width:300px" /></a>
13024=894-Purple Mushroom Fragged December 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
13024=894-Purple Mushroom Fragged December 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg
class="gc-images" title="Purple Mushroom Fragged December 2006.JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg[/IMG] style="max-width:300px" /></a> </fieldset>
Hey Stroid! It was good talking to you yesterday. Your tanks looking great so far. How did the livestock acclimation turn out?
Showtime305 wrote: Hey Stroid! It was good talking to you yesterday. Your tanks looking great so far. How did the livestock acclimation turn out?
the acclimation was great no issues whatsoever i just wish the condy would get out of the rocks that it is hiding in but everything is eating well and swimming happily.
pretty nice im just not sure yet of what corals i am going to put it the tank yet i like the green ones and the purple one the best. how big would a frag be about an 1" in diameter ?
yeah about an 1'' or 2'' in diameter. I just call them a frag because it is just one of them. Now i have a rock with about 50 -60 on it. Its actually a fairly small rock with a BUNCH of the green ones ill sell you for $50.00-$60.00
part of me wants to get a small frag and watch them grow but the other part just wants to get a larger piece of coral. I will probably go small to big but im just not 100% sure yet.
Just to let you know this well my old twenty gallon took about a year to look like this. You can buy what ever size coral you want just make sure that they all have enough room.