Help, need a chiller


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I've got a 20 gallon high with no external plumbing. Fuge and skimmer are hob. I've turned the lights off and ac on. But, I don't think this is much more than a bandaid. So I need a chiller recomendation. If you have one for sale that would be even better.

Thanks John
I think you are going to have a hard time finding a chiller to work on a tank that has no plumbing, although an Ice Probe might be worth investigating:"></a>

However, do some of your own research on the Ice Probe since I've heard very mixed reviews on them... however, for a 20g it might do the trick if the temps aren't that serious.

How high are your temps getting? Can you just add a fan blowing over the top to control it?

You might also post this question in, or search for potential answers in, the Nano Reef discussion over at TRT:
The temp was atleast 86. My thermometer doesn't read above that point. I'll give the fan a try.
Chill tips.

Well the AC is the right start, but if it is that high with the lights off, I would have to question what is causing the heat first. If the tank is in a sunlit "hot" room, it may be easier to move it. I have never developed heating problems in a tank that small, but if I did, I would try the fan trick first.

most chillers require some kind of plumbing which may not look that great in that small a tank.

There is a 1/6 HP chiller that has been donated for SWU for our raffle. It will be on the SWU website tomorrow.