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I just purchsed this purple Queen Anthia from Marine Fish. I bought him yesterday and (Just) came out from behind the rocks and he has a nasty wound on his head and doesn't seem to be doing very well. Ill try to insert a picture but it hasn't been working for me. I just treated the tank with Greenex. Is there anything I can do? What is this disease? Should I be worried? He has been lying on the bottom ( Upright) and has been breathing normally I think.
Well this suck's. The anthia has a fleshy wound on top of his head. Any Ideas what this is? What kind of chance doe she have of surviving?
A picture would really help, but it doesn't look like it's working. Did any of the fish pick on it when you introduced it to the tank?
No he went straight for the rocks and I never saw him until tonight and now he's just hanging out on the bottom but is still upright and breathing ok. This picture thing really is annoying!
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Is there something in your tank like crabs/other fish that could be picking with it?
I have a Foot Diameter Brittle Star and some small blue leg hermits and a Emerald crab. But I noticed it on the way home but it wasnt as bad. It has gotten worse over the past day.
sorry to hear about it. Maybe the emerald could have gotten to it.
I would move it out of your tank into a quarantine. Not only will this help in its recovery, but also keep whatever the infection is from spreading to your other livestock. I would treat with some anti-biotic soaked food. I have had a few issues with fin rot, small infections and this treatment seems to work. Keep an eye on your other livestock and if they start showing signs get them out of the tank too! I would definitely consider using a quarantine tank for at least 2 weeks before introducing new livestock into your tank. I wasn't doing it in the beginning and almost wiped out my tank with ich. Now it's part of my new livestock regiment. Just some advice and good luck with the Anthia!
What size tank is this in? A foot diameter brittle! I'd be worried about any bottom dwelling fish with that.
Bryan, you're not having very good luck these days, eh? Well we've all been there. I'm pulling for your fish:up:
Yeah it my time for bad days and sick fish. I went threw two Maroon pairs before I actually got a pair that was healthy. They both had Brokanelum but I couldn't see it when I bought them. I have no way to set up a hospital tank right now but I am definatly going to in the near future. The funds are running low but ill see what I can do. I do not think the Emerald got him because there herbivors. And the Anthia was lying on the sand next to a seaweed clip and the emerald decided to eat the seaweed instead of the sick Anthia. The tank is a 75 gallon. I hope that answered all your questions! I got home from school today and now he's back to hiding. Im not thinking hes still around. Also Fishwhisperer I have a hawkfish and I have never had a problem with the brittle star attacking him. Thanks Guys!!