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hey i have a coralife aqualight with two hqi 150 watt lights as well as two 96 watt actinics. the hqi's are 10,000k. how often should i replace them?
I've heard of people replacing HQI bulbs after 6 -12 months of use, then others change there bulbs when they notice a change in the color spectrum. It's all up to you though. The older the bulb gets, the chances of it causing algae problems increases.
do you think 12 months would be ok.. but also what about the actinics?? do i ever need to replace them??
If the actinics are pc, I would replace them at least every 12 months.

- Andy
12 months would be pushing it. 9 months would be the best option. As for the PC actinics, 12 months is good.
One of the issues with waiting long issue the drop off in intensity. Your coral will be adjusted to the lower light intensity, so the higher intensity of the new bulbs can stress your coral.
yeah thanks showtime. i am pretty sure you have responded to all of my threads so i appriciate that a bunch. Thanks very much. Man those bulbs are expensive!!!! also is 20,000k better or is 10,000k better?
No problem!! HQI bulbs are pretty expensive. I'll be replacing my halides next month so I feel your pain. 20k bulbs have a lower par rating than 10k bulbs, so I would say the 10k bulbs are better. 20k have a blue look to them and don't require supplemental lighting. 10k have a white look to them, so most people supplement them with actinic lighting to get a blue/white look.
yeha thats what i have the two 150 watt 10,000k and the two actinics 96 watt. but i wanted to bring out more color in the corals but i have herd that you sacrafice color for growth with the 20,000k
when is the next meeting i became a member in october i think no wait um november sometime so will i be able to pick up my member card in december??
You can try the 14k-15k range and possibly the 20k if your tank is only 18" deep. If you try the 20k you will need to move you sps coral and clams to the top half of the tank.
Here's the thread with the info.

thanks for helping me get used to this... im in ill be there.. Will my dad be able to come if we only paid for one membership.?
In the past I think they have charge $5 for additional family members to attend meetings, but you may want to check with Chris(mojo).
alright well thanks for the help! hope to see you there but im sure ill here from you in more threads thaat i post.