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Does anyone know of any local fish stores that QT thier fish for a few weeks before sending them out to the public? Why is this not more common practice in this fish trade? It would improve stock health, cut down on fish loss both in the store and to the end buyer, and heck, would be a good marketing tool. I know I would be more inclined to buy a fish that I know has been in a QT period for a few weeks and is still looking healthy. That is the store I would frequent no matter how far the drive is.
Before I buy a fish I always ask how long it has been at the LFS. Depending on the LFS and how much you trust their employees, they will let you know. Cappuccino Bay and The Fish Store & More have always been upfront with me on all of my livestock purchases, including LR. If you really want to purchase the livestock and it's only been at the LFS for a few days just set up a quarantine tank yourself and put it in there for at least 2 weeks. Most stores have a pretty good return policy as long as you bring in a water sample for them to test. Good luck!
I do QT, for 4-6 weeks. I also do two FW dips, one before QT and one after. It just seems to me that many fish stores do not care. Hell I have found staff that has never really heard of a QT period. I have never found a LFS with a SW return policy, maybe I do not frequent enough to get in good with the owners. But you look at tanks in stores like Under The Wave. (Sorry to pick on them but the store has gone to crap.) Dead fish all in the tanks, staff that does not know a Tang from a Butterfly. The list of bad goes on and on. It is like the mentality of the LFS is to sell the fish and if they die, maybe that means one more sale down the road when the home reef keeper comes back to replace the fish.
Imagine Ocean does it, and Jenn wont sell them to you for the first week after they arive.
Well, from my experience, Marine Fish, has a good return policy. You just bring the dead fish and a sample of your water, as stated above and if it checks normal, you can get another fish. I have used this a few times now. I also know that they hold their fish for a couple days before you can buy them when they come in.

And I have also experienced the same inexperience and ignorance towards quarantining fish. I have even been told that the reason my fish died was b/c I quarantined it. Kinda sux when you hear stuff like that, b/c then anything else that comes out of that person's mouth is now under scrutiny and you don't know if it can be trusted or not. Pretty sad.

If I were you, I would spend some time at Cap Bay and Marine Fish and talk to them and see if you aren't impressed with their stores and people.