lighting for 29 gallon


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I am going to set up a new 29 gallon frag tank for mushrooms and some leather corals. Would it be ok to have compact florecents on it or should i go HQi? also what should i do for filtration? skimmer, sump,????? thanks
should be fine with PC's--one of those 2x65 watt fixtures should be plenty. As long as you do weekly water changes, a hang-on-back filter like the Aquaclear 70 should be just fine for water flow and to run carbon/purigen and your heater if you want. I think HQI's over a 29 gallon would be overkill for softy frags, especailly the shrooms. You can make this real simple, or if you want, go all out--totally up to you and your wallet. If it was my tank, and just softy frags, I'd go the above route and be done with it. No skimmer or sump necessary, just good husbandry.
I have 28W of T5 over a 15 and it grows leathers and shrooms just fine so 65W over a 29 should be fine. You don't need a lot of light. I once had a 55 gallon tank with 80W of NO flourescents that grew the most awesome shrooms, zoos and coraline algae (no leathers tho).
I think my wallet tells me to go easy on this project lol i kinda used alot on my new 75 and alot of my dads but my ten gallon is outgrowing itself.
Make sure to run carbon in the filter to absorb any toxins the leathers will produce.
I have 40 watts of PCs over my 15 gallon and leathers are growing like crazy. THey love it.