May need some help....


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I have the zoa eating nudibranchs in my 72g tank. I also have zoas growing on almost every rock.

My plan is to get out as many zoas as possible and put them in a QT. I can treat them in the tank with FW dips and not have to worry about them spreading onto non dipped rocks. All rocks/zoas in QT would be treated every other day and eggs removed.

Then what zoas are left in the display that are impossible to remove, I would scrape with a toothbrush and allow the nudi's to finish them off, and the nudi's would starve.

Does anyone have an extra tank laying around (15-20g) that I could borrow? And maybe some lights too? I'm thinking even NO lights would work to keep zoas alive, but I'm not sure. I have a heater and powerheads. No copper based medications would be dosed. Just FW dips and maybe Flatworm Exit.

Any help would be much appreciated and I would try to pay you back with as many frags as possible once the situation is taken care of.

Good luck Gwen. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I have a spare 12 gallon eclipse that I'm not using. But I don't think that would be big enough. I do remember Imagine Ocean having a bunch of spare 20 longs for sale for $25 a while back. I think they still have them if you can't find a tank soon.

Keep us posted on how things turn out.

I have a 20 tall that you can borrow, but I haven't checked for leaks in a while. And since I need to test it anyway now would be aa good time.
I have a 10 and maybe a 15. You could use both if you wish. I also have two lights. They are each 2x32 PC. It would be enough for your zoas.
Thanks guys so much for all the offers!!! This just goes to show what a great club we have in times of need and stupidity.

I have sent Sally a PM.
Can I get that nudibranch?! It could eat for months on my zoas and we'd both be happy.... :)
If there are any left that are alive, then sure.
Are you really serious? Rob was also considering having me ship him a few. But then he backed out.

I haven't killed off the remaining zoas in the 72g. There is food left if the nudi's are still there. And considering the threads I read on RC, it seems they are very hard to rid. I'd be shocked if they are gone. With that said, the remaining zoas left in the 72g look ok and don't look affected just yet. It may take a week for eggs to hatch. I haven't figured that out yet.

I should go look now.. I was gonna start a new thread about this. I took pics of the nudi's also, however there are MUCH better pics on RC.
Once they are on your bigger pieces of rock- they are nearly impossible to remove without killing them. :(
Exactly- I've got a very bumpy rock originally made from aragocrete, and removing them is impossible. They're spreading everywhere (probably more than one square foot of bright green zoos), and the rock is large and at the bottom of my structure.

Do you know if the nudis eat anything else? I'd be devastated if it started eating my SPSs...
As far as I know... only zoas. But yet I caught the problem early, so who knows. From what I've read, nudi's only eat one thing.

There are only a few SPS in this tank and most being on my zoa rocks and they were dipped in FW- they are VERY dead. I did not see any problems with other corals, but u never know I guess.

Can you believe I saved zoas over SPS??? crazy, huh?? :D

I checked the tank earlier and I don't see anymore yet....