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im just now looking at mh looking at the coral life pro combo;250w mh with the pc,s and moonlights. it says the mounting legs are included.will these be high enough ie 8in or so the mh lights are supposed to be from the water.
Distance away from the water is a personal thing. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as its not super close. Splashes is your major worry.

I have mine about 6 inches away from the water surface.
if you have a CL fixture its going to have a shield on it, only thing you'ld have to worry about it slashing on that and keeping it clean so you dont have distorted light.
just remember c l have a remote ballasts i bought a current m h it has the ballasts built in and it was a tad cheaper. i bought mine from foster and smith . nobody locally could come even close to their price