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I guess I am the latest newb. Have done freshwater for several years, but I got a 135g aquarium for Christmas and I think it would be criminal to put freshwater in it so here I am trying to use osmosis to learn.

I do have one question, what is the trick to getting that great graphic by my posts (I already paypal'd my membership dues)?
Click on "User CP" in the upper left, then click on "
Welcome!! Well the avatar question was answered, but if you have any other questions about your tank or random help questions, feel free to post it up, there all here to help :)
my bad the ARC! LOL!!! Welcome again, be sure to come to the meetings they are great!
Got the avatar part, but I was referring to the "Arc Member" part. Looks like someone already took care of it. Thanks though.
yup... its automatically done when you sign up. There may have been a lagtime between database updates.

So what's your plan for the 135?
Plan... we don't need no stinkin Plan...

Actually here is a diagram of the basic design:

alt="" />

What isn't shown is the RO/DI I have coming in.

The only problem I am trying to work out is how to secure the spaflex hoses in the sump. Right now they are just laying in the sump and I am not real happy with that setup. Anyone know if there is some easy way of securing hoses in the sump?
Here's what I did with my pipes to the sump... Im sure it would be easy enough to do similar with the hoses youre using.
I thought about a run of plexi. Anyone know if lowes or depot sells this stuff in cutable sizes?
Yeha they have acricil I believe at least Home Depot does Thats a nice diagram. Tony I like your design for the sump. I ran my chiller tube down the tube of the return pump and just Zip tied it to it so they are together. I dont know if that made any sense at all? But I tried.
I painted the interior of the cabinet and caulked the inside yesterday. Tonight I am putting down some plastic to form a tub in the bottom of the aquarium. Tomorrow I plumb and do a fresh run including drilling a drain to the outside. Hopefully for the weekend I mix in salt and let it run until it stabalizes. Then comes the rock, sand and fish over the next couple months. The going is much slower on salt, but hopefully it will be worth it.
welcome fellow newbie although your plans are so elaborate i am very impressed with your ambitiousness(if thats a word lol) I hope it works out for you the plans look great
I thought the plans were pretty simple actually. I have already built everything including the topoff system. The sump is a 29 gallon glass tank, the fuge is a 10 gallon rubbermaid container with a couple holes and a small rig to give it rigidity, the top off is another rubermaid 15 gallon trash can and the quarantine tank doesn't exist yet but that is just another 10 gallon rubbermaid container.

The plumbing from aquarium to fuge is just a 3 way valve and the fuge gravity feeds into the sump. Same for the quarantine tank which is the same line I am going to use to bleed water out for water changes. The top off uses a small pump and an unit to feed the sump to a certain water level.

All in all it took me about a couple hours to put everything together. Course it isn't all running salt yet so I may have messed something up, but I think anything that is screwed up should be an easy fix. Also, I think this was easier than trying to build an all-in-one sump.