Pixie Hawk Problems


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I have had a pixie hawk for a long time in my twenty gallon reef and i have recently put him in my new 75 gallon reef with a bunch of blue leg hermit crabs and he seems to like eating them when im not looking. Yesterday i herd a poping nnoise and looked up and he had a blue leg hermit crab in his mouth adn he was trying to eat it out of its shell. Has anyone had a problem with this? He didnt do this in my old tank. Is there anything i can do??

Hawkfish are known for be quite oppotunistic. I cannot explain why he is suddenly doing it, but I have heard stories of flame hawks eating 200+ snails and hermits.
Is there anyhting i could do to make it less likely that he eats them. Like could i feed him more so he isnt hungry??
I have a Falco Hawkfish that ate all of my Cleaner shrimp..They were as big as he was!..anyway mine perches up on a spot when I feed and I give a butt load of mysis shrimp..that settles mine down...

I also saw him ripping a snail out of his shell..These hawfish are like terrorists in the tank.. feed him LORS of big juicey mysis.

Thanks tod for your advice. My hawk does the same thing perches but i also feed him ALOT of mysis but i guess i need to feed him more. When he was in my 20 gallon and i was away my dad made the mistake of putting a cleaner shrimp in there and he ate the shrimp too. Had i been there i could have stopped this bu ti was not