Possible Skimmer Change, More Like I'm just Crazy!


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OK so I'm a freak. I have a monstrousity of a dual beckett that is 6ft and skims like a madman

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These two pictures are with a whopping 2 fish in the tank (over 600G of water)

I thinking of making a change for a couple reasons

1) Noise. This sucker is loud. Between the Iwaki 100 and the Becketts it's like a train. Plumbing the air intake outside helped but still loud

2) Power consumption. The Iwaki 100 uses almost 3 amps. A needlewheel (deltec, H&S, etc) would use around 1.

3) It would free up some room. I don't really need it to much but I am about to plumb in a RDSB, etc. so it wouldn't hurt.

4) I could run it in sump. Just in case my cutoff didn't work sometime even though it has worked flawlessly I'm murphy's prime eample.

So am I crazy. should I stick with what I have. I figure that it will cost me at least $500 net to switch to a BM250, H&S 200x3, Bubbleking 300, or my ultimate a Deltec 902 .

So someone give me a sanity check and tell me to just deal with the one I have!
I love the monster skimmer and all of the Rubbermaid sumps draining into each other! Of course I say that and I have a little needlewheel ASM skimmer so I do not have to listen to the Iwaki and the twin Becketts! Ha.
I am reading your thread on RC right now! :)
If you really want a different skimmer then get what you want. Christmas is right around the corner and if it makes you happy then try a new skimmer. :) :) :)
Deltec! Deltec! Deltec! You are sadly mistaken if you're coming here to be talked out of buying a new skimmer....
i would go with a dart needlewheel from Spazz over at reef central!thats what im going with.still trying to sell my quad beckett.with air pump the dart needlwheel runs under 200 watts total and will skim your tank no problem.of course it will cost you 2k+.cant go wrong with 18" acrylic!!!!!!
How do you skimm that much with only two fish in the tank? :eek:

Are they Whales?:yay:

Nope. A copperband and a foxface. You would be shocked how much just live rock alone produces! I also have about 25 acros and a couple other SPS in there but it's not that much. It produces about 2 cups of wet skimmate a day which for 400# of live rock and corals is not that much. Barebottom is a fascinating experience in how much poo all the rock creatures and cleanup crew produce!
:slap: - what are you friggin crazy!!! Dont switch it! ok, I really have no reason other than you said for someone to give you a reality check, lol. Seriously tho, sit down and do the math for it, if it'll cost you 500 to change, what will the long run be with less power consumption, you might make that up in the fitst year, not to mention what you could make off selling the equipment. I'm all for lower bills, so if it will benefit you to change, go for it, if its not that big of a change, I'ld say stay with what you have, unless the noise is really bothering you.

kwl1763 wrote: Barebottom is a fascinating experience in how much poo all the rock creatures and cleanup crew produce!

I love BB, and yes it is amazing what cleanup crew and rocks produce, I only have a 15g and it's kinda crazy the amount of crud.
go needlewheel or threadwheel you wont regret it.they make less noise and use less electricity to run as well(some of them).Plus its always fun to have a new toy to play with!
Have you seen this thread on RC ??? It is called Optimized Beckett or something. Might be something fun for you to try with your Beckett skimmer and make you fall back in love with your skimmer and save you some money. :lol:
Ya I have seen that and plan to do that this weekend. I want to get a couple spare becketts first though. Any idea where to pick them up local?

Well I've pretty much decided what I have is fine. Maybe if I get a nice bonus next spring I'll consider going needlewheel btu it just isn't worth it. Running the number even if I'm optimistic it's almost a 3 year payback. The noise and space is not worth that!!
I've got almost the exact same thing - an MR-2 with a 4' extension, making it 6' tall, with two becketts and a Sequence 3200. Serious skimming power!