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I keep hearing about them (powerbuys in general), but I am wondering if anyone has tried or more importantly will be trying one on Live Rock? I don't know how much it takes to get a sweet deal from a local or online place though. I am in for a good 90lbs or more depending on price.
If enough people are interested, then someone will give us a deal. We haven't had a powerbuy in a while because everybody wants different things.
I can certainly understand the different part, but it seems several people are asking for live rock at a good deal in the Buy/Sell area.

I would certainly go for Fiji or Carribean myself. I would even go Lalo or Tonga if the price were right. Anyone else in?
Being new, I have no idea who organizes these things. Do we all just kick money into a pool or something?
Powerbuy aside, the best place to get LR around here is Marine Fish. 30% off for ARC members, and if you get 30lbs, it comes to I think 5.99lb minus the 30%, so 3.99lb give or take.
Your total would be something like 170 bucks + tax.

Just be sure you go during the hours they honor ARC discounts.
I'm in as well.....i need about 30-40lbs......though 3.99 is a good deal.
Straegen wrote: Being new, I have no idea who organizes these things. Do we all just kick money into a pool or something?

Yeah- that's typically the way it works. Either someone presents an idea and we go with it, or the group decides we want something. Then we ask around to our sponsor stores and see if we can all purchase at once to save money. We had one once a month for a while, but people have been too picky recently to decide on anything.
I was looking into LiveAquaria.com since they have a great price. A Premium Fiji 45lb box is 119.99 plus another $62.55. This makes it about $4.06 delivered to your door in two days.

Carribean is good too for 40lbs $99 plus another $55.60 shipped. That makes it around $3.87 per pound delivered in two days.

Maybe we could swing some deal with them or a local shop. Who works this out with the dealers? I would assume an officer. Sounds like we have several people interested in lots-o-rocks.
Wow a power buy on LR! I would be all over this but I am not going to need LR for a while unfortunately. I am hoping to set up a good sized tank but not until later in the year. :(
I bought all my LR from http://www.PremiumAquatics.com">www.PremiumAquatics.com</a> and went with Marshall Islands and I really liked what I got.
I hope you all decide to go for it though. :)
CBA uncured rock is 4.05 per pound for Kaelini, lalo, slab, Totoka, Ridge.
................350 for Fiji .

min fifty pounds each box, pre ordered/payed one week advance.
Website will be up next week , so you can even order and pay for the rock online.

This Pacific rock comes in the same Red and white Tonga boxes as the good doctors rock.(its from the same collector).
But! Our rock spends two days less in transit as compared to coming from LAX.
We also can ship next day anywhere in Ga for 50cents a pound.( as compared to 1.30 per pound from California)

We also have ten types of Indonesia rock as well as Cultured rock and Marshall island rock.
Cant decide which rock is right for you?
Mix and Match from twelve types of Indonesian cured live rock to find your perfect combination.( try that over the web)
A fifty pound box of mixed cured rock is 6.99 per pound.
With over seventy boxes of live rock in the store, your bound to find what your looking for......without having to wait for the FedEx guy.
Jeff CBA
I'm needing some Live rock too. I'm thinking if we want to get the lowest price we need to some up with a consensus of what we want. I'm all up for non cured stuff but I'm not sure aobut you guys. I figure the best way to do it is to send out emails to all the places that sells in the area and some of the online places. Tell them we want to do a power buy of live rock. Like if its a local place in the email say that we will prepay for the rock and we will have to probaly get whole boxes I think they are about 45-55 lbs(well that's what I'm seeing on most webpages) And that we will pick it up as soon as it comes in. This way they know that we want it and that it won't stay in their storage area taking up space. Ask them their terms and prices and ask them to send us a bid. Their terms being minimum order for a power buy or if we order more boxes how much they are like more we buy the cheaper it is.

The thing is distrubuting the rock after its delivered. I doubt that anyone would want 400lbs of other people's rock just sitting in their garage for long.

I know I'm not a member but I'm trying to get everything together right now so all my money went to the equipment I got wish I knew about this place before I got everything Could have used the discount. But hopefully soon I'll get my dues in.
I know Poseidon's Reef does deals on rock and it's some of the best rock I have ever seen. They are not big into Fiji or that boulder junk that I've seen around, nor Im I.
I got 100 pounds of cured tonga for $5.00 a pound. I was told they have about 500 pounds this new rock coming in next week thats suppost to be better than what I saw. Lighter and more porous than tonga.
So it might be worth the trip for some, if you like great looking rock.
I am still a couple weeks out from live rock purchasing, but I wanted to float this back up to the top and see what might be done.

As it stands now, I am looking at a 50lb box from CBA and then going over to Marine Fish Store and picking out another 50lb so I can get what I want for the top part of my rock display. I should add that I will be buying from Marine (unless we get a powerbuy going) because I have a rather large gift card not because you can't get what you want at CBA.
How many people are ready for this powerbuy? If we can talk it up, let's see how much weight we can get together... lets start a tally and I'll try to set it up...

0lbs so far...
100lbs for me... more depending on the price and type of rock. I personally perfer a lighter rock, but I am a go with deal sorta guy.