reef safe ich medication

I have had success using Garlic Guard fish food soak. The fish seem to like the taste of this "marinade" and I guess the parasites don't like the garlic in the fish's bloodstream. I soak the food in a few drops of it for about 15 min. before feeding time. I use it periodically as a preventive measure.
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Steven pro did a research study on xenia in a controlled environment with a lot of "reef safe" ich treatment. You can see his article if u search
If the fish are tangs, then you might need to build more room into your tank, and reduce stress. Aquazoa does know- it is his business and Mojo/Reef1973 are right about the UV too. Just guessing because tangs are magnets for Ick, powderblues especially.
William brought up a great point about the stress. What is your current tank setup? Why do you think they got ick? There are many infections that look like ich, but aren't. Are you 100% sure it's ich?

Kevin mentioned the Steven Pro article- there was also a podcast recorded on the topic at, and the link should also be on the RK site in case u would rather have the audio format.

I wonder if Steven Pro will be around this Christmas to speak again to the club. I really like his presentations. Maybe he has done a few more experiments.
Thank you all. In the short time since i seeked these answers my yellow tang and my ocellaris clown have now passed. Im pretty sure that where i bought them they were infected. I will be buying a uv sterilizer here shortly to avoid this in the future.

aquazoa wrote: Another possible medication that can be added to food is Metronidazole, a protozoacide. .....

Thanks for popping in, Porter!
here's a good link on effective UV useage... :)">Ant on UV</a>


use the garlic guard every day i do on my powder blue soak it for a 30 seconds and roll it up and put it in aclip.i use julian sprungs green seaweed. offer the tang seaweed 24hrs a day. if he gets stressed out he could get ich.feed as much of avariety of food as you can, pellets flake and frozen brine schrimp. i also run an corralife u.v
aquazoa- have you ever tried the med in feed before? I use this medication frequently for other animals (its called Flagyl in terrestrials) and have the darndest time getting it into them because it tastes aweful. I really dont know what fish "taste", but I was curious to see if there has been any success.
Yes, Flagyl is a rather broad spectrum treatment, used for many different ailments. Flagyl is the brand name (produced by a specific company) of metronidazole, so there are certainly other metronidazole based medications out there. At any rate, as such a broad spectrum agent, I would certainly advise caution when using it in a tank with inverts. Particularly with the potential for being distasteful. As I mentioned, I know many animals object to consuming it due to the "flavor", but I dont know if fish would be similar.
I've been communicating with Seachem regarding their brand of Metronidazole. I had first tried the food only approach. Then after a couple of weeks of the food treatment not working I added it to the water. Seachem recommended using the low end of their recommended dosage. I had asked about feeding metron and using kick ich in combination. They said all kick ich is, is metron in a low dose. Anyways added three treatment cycles, before I gave up and moved to hospital tank. The point is my inverts were fine, fire shrimp, soft corals, cleaner shrimp, blue legged crabs, amphlipods. This treatment did not work for me and a higher dose could have caused harm. I was trying to cure a powder blue tang, which may be more difficult than other fish.