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I know my tank is not looking that great yet and right now has an outbreak of red hair algae but I thought you might be interested in looking anyway."></a>

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The person asking about Tunze maybe interested to see the flow produced from 2 6100, 2 6200 and a wavebox. I do not have the wavebox exactly in sync because it the waves where too big for the tank. With it in sync the waves where making the water go up and down over 4 inches.
Sweet! What is the model number of your camera?
toshiba ik-wb21a - like it says on the main web page from the camera

It is a network camera with built in web server. Its not top of the line but its close enough and was already more than I wanted to spend.

Sorry I disabled the Pan and Tilt but I wanted to limit the view and the option that limits the range of the camera seems to not work all the time. I set a bunch of presets to view different parts of the tank and the zoom in and out are still accessable.

If you see a line/direction/location you want set on the preset just let me know.