Refugium Flora/Fauna Kits


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I have been looking at some on-line stores for refugium flora/fauna packages, in particular from Floridapets and Inland Aquatics. Has anyone used these or similar products to stock or replenish refugiums? What has been your experience with quality/variety/longevity of the products?"></a>

This vendor has supplied quite a few of our members with starter sets of invertebrates. Call to ensure what you want is in stock first though. All the critters are Florida origin I think. This is certainly cheaper than LFS but Alpharetta may not be convenient for pickup. Most of the crabs and snails have become self propagating in my 120 gallon system.
I'b be the first to support a sponsor, and I'd check them out first... However, I have had great luck with the stuff from
You can start your refuge by getting some caulerpa from a club member. The critters will come with the algae.