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Now that another salt power buys has come around, I figured this would be a good time to try another salt brand. I'm currently using SeaChem Reef salt and I've been pretty happy with it. At our last meeting Tom Wyatt briefly talked about the negative impact of the borate level in SeaChem salt has on our reef tank. That now has me concerned and I'm considering a salt change.

Can someone shed some light on the borate impact?
Does anyone here use SeaChem salts?
What brand do you use and what makes it your #1 choice?
Never used it...Kent is the only way for me...Local company, great salt. I suggest changing too it if you are having problems? If no problems, why change..
I personally use IO (instant ocean) I've used it since my first saltwater tank. To me its dependable and its never let me down (knock on wood) I've thought about switching but like Todd says, no problems dont change.
I also use Kent and have had no problems. I have read that when you do change salt, do it slowly at first since different salts contain different elements.

I've been using the seachem reef salt in my nano for close to a year and it's worked fine. Although I'm not one to test my tank for ALK and PH, but rather go off observation. I've had 2 corals bleach very recently and they were touching. I cut the one coral that wasn't fully bleached and it's fine now. I have a few more boxes of this salt from SWU, so it will take awhile to use it all up on a 12g tank.

I just added a clam, so I do need to check for CA. But up until I got the clam, my CA has been high- over 500 without adding anything.
I've been using Seachem's salt for about a year and it is great!
i just started using the seachem salt and i have used it for about two months so far and in all three of my tanks it has been working fine as far as i can see. dont switch if theres no evident problems. i have heard great things about instant ocean reef crystals!!